LET’S TALK! If M.I Had Signed Wizkid, Would Wizkid Had Blown To This Extent?

As we most times put it, how you’ll succeed in life is dependent on how hard you work and the people you meet or connect with.

This statement resonates deeply in the music industry. Artists need benefactors to sign them. They need a well-known person to help them succeed.

To most people, Banky W was the first industry professional to notice the promising talent WizKid has. Well, he wasn’t. WizKid had delivered a chorus on MI’s Fast Money, Fast CarsMI could have gone on to sign him, and who knows what could have happened.

We know how the story panned out. Banky W jacked him up instead, and the rest is history.


But What If MI Had Signed Him Instead Of Banky W?

Would He Still Have Been Blown To This Extent?

Give your say on this matter.

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