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Whizzprince’s letter to all pregnant ladies and single mothers


Whizzprince’s letter to all pregnant ladies and single mothers


We live in the part of the world where pregnant young ladies and single mothers are been condemned and looked down on, which is not supposed but that shouldn’t weigh people in this state down because of this

*Children are not mistakes,they are blessing from almighty
*People who judge you have greater and bigger problems unsolved
*Everything in life happens as planned by God
*Your joy in future can come from that child
*All dreams, goals can still be achieved

abortion is not the way out
Don’t think its hard because of wagging tongues and those pointing fingers at you
but you have no reason to be ashamed or scared
Everybody is facing something
Live freely It’s never about the present but the future counts
Raising a child alone is never an easy task but trusting in God is all the back up you need and help will come the way it’ll shock you

Don’t put blames on the child for whatever the father might have done to you (rejecting/denying you) every child is a responsibility and mustn’t be abandoned for every child is a STAR🌟

Am not supporting babies before marriage but when it happens like this,people in this conditions are not to be discriminated,condemned or looked down on,some of this people have great future after giving birth

Conclusively, life is sacred and a gift.
it means that we do not and cannot give life , it is a gift and so we must strive protect it. By the above aphorisms it means that every pregnant lady should take care of that another life which she bears in her womb, this is because she cannot give neither can she take life. Furthermore every body in the society should give maximum and optimum support to these young pregnant ladies, owing to the fact that anyone can fall a victim of circumstance, let love guide our actions inspite of our conception of individuals. For it is all about love…peace🙌


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