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What Differentiate The Government Of China and Nigeria


What Differentiate The Government Of China and Nigeria

What differentiates the government of China and Nigeria is its desperate attempts to protect the right options for the next generation. Another is its steadfast probity in the handlings of economics, education and abstinence from Moral corruption. It is on this foundation its policies are erected

China, with its 1.2billion population and a larger part of its environs, inhospitable. Densely populated before industrialization, with its source of livelihood mainly subsistent then. Between 1959 and 1961(The same period Nigerian gained her independence, and was basking in the discovery of crude oil), the nation experienced the greatest hit of famine, hunger mortality recorded in humanity, loosing over 30million of its Population, and a staggering number of people damned by Starvation. China lost most part of its cropland, and for a long while did not only suffer stress of recovering, but meandered in the psychological torment of after starvation.

How they metamorphosed from being largely subsistent farmers to giant of industrialization remain magical.

Almost 60years after , China lives Nigerian behind in the pit of poverty managing less than 70million poor people of 1.2 billion and raising about 7 billionaires every Year.

But, Nigerian degenerates into becoming the Headquarters of poverty, with 83million poverty stricken people in a population of less than 200million(times 10 to make up China’s population) , while recycling the same class of billionaires of Dangote’s and Adenuga’s without any new entrants to that class in years.

Someone asked if Nigerians could pass through what China passed to succeed? Poor question!! The answer is not determined by the populace , but by policy makers.

To treat its poverty diarrhea that purged off 30million of its citizens, China’s leaders, on like Nigeria’s leadership did not go about in market places distributing 10k each to marketers during electioneering or like Minister for transportation, Amaechi, shown on public TV ‘Halaring’ on those building an ongoing railway to Make sure that the railway is completed before February 2019 and a train moves on it’, just to earn cheap political mark.

We refuse to enact workable policies that fit our diversity and no attempt has been made to learn and create workable policies to upgrade Nigeria, rather, 2 years into power, a new political campaign is launched to usurp power and punish a suspected enemy.


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